Chao Tzu Ch'en, Chinese theologian, born Deqing, Zhejian, China, 14 February 1888, died Beijing, 21 November 1979.

Chao had a solid classical Chinese education, attended Soochow university and graduated about 1911. He went to the United States in 1914, obtaining his MA and BD degrees at Vanderbilt. He taught at Soochow from 1917, then at Yenching University, Beijing, from 1926, where he became Dean of the School of Religion (1928-1956). His Christian Philosophy (1925) and Life of Jesus (1935) related Christian faith to China’s social needs.

Following imprisonment by the Japanese in 1942, he wrote a Life of Paul (1947) and My Prison Experience (1948). He was active in the Chinese National Christian Council and the YMCA, attended International Missionary Council meetings in 1928, 1938, and 1947, and was a president of the WCC from 1948 to 1951. He identified with the Three-Self Movement, but suffered during the Cultural Revolution.

John Roxborogh