Reformed Christianities in the Americas

Puritan migrants fleeing persecution in 17th Century England took a key stream in the Reformed tradition to the northern English colonies. They were joined by Scots, Scots-Irish, Dutch, and many others influenced by Presbyterian and Congregationalist visions of a church free to form society as a covenanted Christian community -  a new Israel shaped by Calvin's theology.

The theology of the spiritual responsibility of the individual before God, and a history of conflict in the search for freedom from state interference helped reinforce ideas of republicanism and democracy fuelled by the American wars of Independence. The Rev John Wotherspoon, a Scottish Evangelical, was the only clergyman to sign the Declaration of Independence.

The First and Second Great Awakenings and the development of revivalist theologies shaped the tradition. Jonathan Edwards was a major interpreter of the Calvinist tradition whose influence continues. Divisions between North and South over culture, slave-holding, mirrored those in wider North American society leading to the Civil War.

In South America, the Darien Scheme to form a Scots settlement on the Panama Isthmus in 1698 failed spectacularly, but in the 19th century Presbyterian missionaries from North America grew Presbyterian Churches in Brazil and elsewhere, and Free Church of Scotland missionaries are still active in Peru.

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