Presbyterian Pilgrims

Where we worship now is a place of pilgrimage for ourselves and for others, a place of beginnings and memory. There are some more obvious places we need to add. Rome is part of our story. So, for all Christians, is Jerusalem. Places where the faith jumped cultural boundaries to Gentiles, to Britons, to Asia, Africa. There are also some which are special to those of Scottish and European ancestry. In 2012 the Elders' Institute helped organised a Reformed Pilgrimage. Connie Wardell of the Canadian Presbyterian Record posted these blogs along the way.

June 6 Meaux picThe journey begins

Seeking water from the rubble

In Calvin's hometown

Dying for faith

Psalms in Strasbourg

Ladies of Avenches

That they all may be one

Starting with St Andrews

Within the walls of St Giles

On the Isle of Iona

Preparing for home