A Church is defined not only by its beliefs and its organisation, but by the people it celebrates as leaders and saints, and the symbols which gather round them stories of identity and mission.

As well as biblical figures such as David, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Andrew and James, we have churches named after Ninian, Kentigern. Columba, Margaret, Knox, Chalmers and others. Sunday School children have counted the tassels on pulpit falls of faded embroidery of now rather dimly burning bushes and puzzled over the translation, never mind the meaning, of "Nec Tamen Consumebatur". There are symbols shared with the Christian church and large, some that are peculiar to Reformed history, and some, including the Burning Bush, that are not as uniquely Presbyterian as we might think.

Presbyterian writers

Catherine Marshall

Kathleen Norris see also . . ./norris.html

Marie Gray

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