a family story

John Roxborogh

The Achindrean McKenzies who migrated to New Zealand in June and October 1873

Alexander McKenzie and Ann McKenzie

- grand-daughter Johana   

- son Donald McKenzie                 

- son Roderick McKenzie and his wife Margaret (Cameron) and their children:  Helen, William and Ann.

- daughter Catherine and her husband Alexander Robertson and their daughter Catherine Anne

- daughter Isabella McKenzie

- son Alexander McKenzie 

Their daughter Mary (Johanas mother) and their eldest son John stayed behind in Scotland.

Roderick and his family came on the S S Douglas, left 14 June 1873 and arrived Somes Island, Wellington Harbour on 5 October 1873.

Alexander and Ann and the other members of their family sailed on the S S Salisbury from Gravesend on 5 October 1873. They landed in Wellington on Anniversary weekend, 20 January 1874.