CHRISTIANITY IN MALAYSIAA Denominational History.  
Edited by Robert Hunt, Lee Kam Hing and John Roxborogh 
Histories to 1990 of the major, and some smaller, Christian churches in West Malaysia.  1992: 396pp Hb: ISBN 967 978 407 X: US$39.00  Published by Pelanduk, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and available through IBS Buku Sdn Bhd. (go to Catalogue, then Anthropology)

THE CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT AND THE CHURCH, revised edition. Available from the Bible College of New Zealand (Go to then to Publications), or in Dunedin from OC Books. If it is difficult purchase a copy you may download the pdf version (256kb) from  Articles/CharismaticMovement1995.pdf See also The Charismatic Movement of 1830 and As at the beginning in Britain: Michael Harper, Edward Irving and the Catholic Apostolic Church.

THE SAINT ANDREWS SEVEN, with Stuart Piggin, Banner of Truth, 1985. Available through Amazon.

Thomas Chalmers Enthusiast for Mission: The Christian Good of Scotland and the Rise of the Missionary Movement, John Roxborogh, Rutherford House / Paternoster Press, 1999, ISBN 0-946068-49-6, 324 pp. pb. 14.95.