Presbyterians in China in the 19th and 20th century

DRAFT MATERIAL ONLY - this module is a work in progress. It is expected to be completed in 2010.
I will remove this note when it is finalised. John Roxborogh

This pages contains information for a Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology Doctorate Module tutored by John Roxborogh on the topic of British Presbyterian missions to China in the 18th and 19th Century. Some comparison will be made with American Presbyterian missions.

The aims of the module involve both the content and the level of study appropriate for a doctorate.

Learning outcomes in terms of content:

1. Able to identify and locate quality material (books, academic journals, worldwide web resources) for the study of 19th and 20th Century mission to China, especially Presbyterian and British.

2. Able to fairly evaluate contested interpretations of Christian mission and the range of material in quality and type which provides evidence of Christian mission to China in this period.

3. Demonstrate familiarity with the writing and thought of major mission historians.

4. Demonstrate familiarity with the life and major writings of select key figures.

5. Demonstrate familiarity with major historical sources. 

Learning outcomes in terms of level of study:

1. Able to interact critically with academic monographs.

2. Able to discuss the critical issues involved in studying the topic.

3. Ability to write a research paper at a doctoral level. 

Completing the module involves:

1. Reading and reflection on the set topics and monthly discussion with the tutor (overview of the topic area, familiarity with key resources)

2. Completing a comparative book review of two academic texts (ability to engage with issues at a doctoral level)

Assignment one: Compare, contrast and evaluate the accounts by George Hood (Mission Accomplished? : The English Presbyterian Mission in Lingtung, South China) and G Thompson Brown (Earthen Vessels and Transcendent Power : American Presbyterians in China, 1837-1952) of  English and American Presbyterian missions in China. (3000 words)

3. Completing a literature survey identifying and discussing recurring issues and critical frameworks (background to thesis)

Assignment two: Discuss the issues involved in writing a history of Christian mission in China (3000 words). Refer to written resources which discuss methodology, or which provide examples of different critical approaches to the historiography of Christianity in China since 1800.

4. Preparing a paper suitable for publication on a topic (integration and presentation of research at a doctoral level)

Assignment three: Discuss the place of education in Christian mission in China before 1949 and its significance for Christianity in China today. (4000 words)

Special focus will include Presbyterian missions in China and the writings of George Hood with respect to China and Malaysia.

 Topics (to be detailed)

1. China and the evangelical imagination before 1842

2. From Treaty Ports to 100 days: 1842 -1892


Hood George, A. Mission Accomplished? : The English Presbyterian Mission in Lingtung, South China : A Study of the Interplay between Mission Methods and Their Historical Context, New York: Peter Lang, 1986.

3. Presbyterians, Edinburgh 1910 and the New China to 1922


4. Presbyterians and Education in 20th Century China : Mission Schools and Colleges


5. Response to War and Regime Change 1930s to 1960s

6. Beyond the Cultural Revolution

 Bibliography (required reading in bold)

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